Migalhas–not just table scraps

What should you read to stay current on business news in Brazil?

Before coming to Brazil, I reached out to a handful of US attorneys with experience in cross-border transactions involving Brazilian companies.  Most were generous with their time and agreed to speak with me.  At the end of one informational interview with a partner at a Biglaw firm, I asked my standard question: What, if anything, should I be reading to stay up on events in Brazil?  Her answer: Migalhas.

I met with a prominent partner in Rio de Janeiro to discuss the legal market here.  Same question.  What should I read?  His answer: Migalhas.

At the law firm I currently intern at, what do the interns read in their free-time?  Migalhas.

As near as I can tell, Migalhas is like the WSJ’s law blog, Andrew Sorkin’s Dealbook, and ATL all rolled into one.  Migalhas, which means table scraps in Portuguese, is anything but leftovers.

Please leave any other sites to check in comments.


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