Where are the lawyers?

Who are the lawyers working in Brazil?  What firms are they at?

I recently joined the chorus and wrote that Brazil is a hot place to invest—whether through mergers and acquisitions, opening affiliates or through the purchase of debt or equity.  What is less appreciated is that Brazilians are also investing abroad.  In either instance, these transactions require high-level legal talent.  Much of this work is done in New York or London.  However, most would agree that deep commitment to a market requires a local presence.

Let’s have a look at the US and UK-based firms with offices or affiliates in Brazil. (Under Brazilian law, foreign firms are not allowed to advise on Brazilian law.  As a result, many foreign firms enter into agreements with local offices to advise on Brazilian tax, civil and regulatory matters).  The list that follows is alphabetized—not ranked—and is not exhaustive.  Local affiliates are named in parentheses; office locations are bracketed.

US or UK-based firms with offices in Brazil.

Several other deserve mention for significant work in Brazil and Latin America.  These firms do not have offices in Brazil.  This list is even more subjective.


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