Congratulations, Rio! Home to the 2016 Olympics

A Olimpíada é nossa!  (Or Brazil’s, I guess).

Rio de Janeiro’s recent victory in the competition to host the Olympic Games is yet one more indicator of a city and country on the rise.  One of President Lula’s strongest arguments in favor of hosting the games is the fact that Brazil is the only top 10 economy not to have hosted the Games.

In line with my optimistic back of the envelope math, a scholar at Foreign Policy argues that BRIC countries are the best hosts for an event like the Olympics because: (1)  the infrastructure investments to be completed for the Olympics are truly needed and (2) higher growth rates mean future debt service is less of a burden.

Of course, the best reason to have the Olympics in Brazil is obvious.  It’s the Brazilians.  Warm, gregarious and sports-loving, the people of Brazil will be excellent Olympic hosts.  Parabéns prá vocês.


One response to “Congratulations, Rio! Home to the 2016 Olympics

  1. Thank you! =)

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