On Goals

Last August I set a number of quantifiable goals for myself.  As a U.S. law student studying in Rio de Janeiro, I wanted to:

  • Intern with a leading firm in Brazil, where I would be exposed to international business transactions.
  • Make 15 connections with Brazilian attorneys and business people (1 for each week of the semester) to learn as much as I can about the legal market in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
  • Create a website and post at least 10 times on issues related to law, Brazil and economics.

I am pleased to announce that I have exceeded my modest goals.  With respect to securing an internship, I was fortunate to work at an excellent firm and would be happy to discuss that experience privately.  In terms of making connections, I found Brazilian and US attorneys, business people, academics and government officials to be extraordinarily generous with their time.  I have met in person or corresponded with 19 professionals and have a meeting scheduled for next week.  As for the website, this is my 13th post.

I do not anticipate updating this website in the near future.  Should anything particularly noteworthy occur in the Brazilian economy, government or legal market, I may post.

Alternatively, I may also use this website to explore other interests, such as my fascination with Washington State and Seattle politics, a subject I mentioned in my very first post.  Thanks for reading.



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