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New Directions – Freeburg Law, LLC

Hi Everyone,

I’ve gone in a new direction since 2009. I’ll still keep this website active, mainly as a record of where I was at in law school. I treasure my time in Brazil and hope to come back many times as an observer, visitor and friend.

I’ve started my own law firm: Freeburg Law, LLC, where I do criminal defense, traffic, and family law. My law firm is based in Jackson, Wyoming. The URL is I’ve also started the Idaho Traffic Lawyer as a side project.

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update: looks like I got a shout out here.


On Goals

Last August I set a number of quantifiable goals for myself.  As a U.S. law student studying in Rio de Janeiro, I wanted to:

  • Intern with a leading firm in Brazil, where I would be exposed to international business transactions.
  • Make 15 connections with Brazilian attorneys and business people (1 for each week of the semester) to learn as much as I can about the legal market in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
  • Create a website and post at least 10 times on issues related to law, Brazil and economics.

I am pleased to announce that I have exceeded my modest goals.  With respect to securing an internship, I was fortunate to work at an excellent firm and would be happy to discuss that experience privately.  In terms of making connections, I found Brazilian and US attorneys, business people, academics and government officials to be extraordinarily generous with their time.  I have met in person or corresponded with 19 professionals and have a meeting scheduled for next week.  As for the website, this is my 13th post.

I do not anticipate updating this website in the near future.  Should anything particularly noteworthy occur in the Brazilian economy, government or legal market, I may post.

Alternatively, I may also use this website to explore other interests, such as my fascination with Washington State and Seattle politics, a subject I mentioned in my very first post.  Thanks for reading.


Brazil Takes Off, The Economist Cover Story

See link.

Banco Santander Brazil IPO

By REUTERS (October 8, 2009)

The article notes:

  • Banco Santander’s Brazilian unit raised raised 14.1 billion reais , or $8.05 billion in a record initial public offering in Brazil and the largest I.P.O. on a U.S. exchange in 18 months.
  • The I.P.O. was the largest ever for a Brazilian company, beating the offering by credit card processor VisaNet in June and the biggest in the world since Visa Inc.’s offering in March 2008.
  • The Brazilian unit has emerged as one of the most profitable parts of Santander, accounting for 20 percent of its net income in the first half of 2009.
The Financial Times provides a few more details here.

It looks like Shearman & Sterling represented the underwriters.  Press release here.

Hello world! E aí galera!

This blog will evolve.  Right now, it is nothing more than a signpost in the direction of Avenida Alex Freeburg.  As an economics and English undergraduate, and later as a law student, barista, English teacher, Washington State employee and legal clerk, I have had the chance to read a lot of novels, nonfiction, and economic arguments.  As far as what stuck, I continue to read and search out information about Latin America (especially Brazil!) and Seattle-area politics.  I imagine that in my free time,  I will write about Brazil and Seattle.

As far as Brazil issues affecting Seattle (or vice-versa), I haven’t found much that falls in that Venn diagram.  Perhaps the Starbucks that opened in Shopping Leblon.